Prevention and Home Remedies for Razor Burn

Razor burn remedies

Both sexes are familiar with the unsightly rashes, often accompanied by small pimple-like bumps - razor bumps. Keep reading to learn more, find some great DIY cures, and prevention techniques. What’s the Difference Between Burns and Bumps? A burn is a rash, a bump … [Read more...]

Bacterial Vaginosis – The #1 Yeast Infection

The #1 Yeast Infection

You probably thought that vaginal yeast infections were the number 1 vaginal infection, didn’t you? Read on to learn more. Don’t ever make assumptions about your health. Various vaginal infections require different treatments and could be more serious than just a yeast … [Read more...]

How A Vaginal Yeast Infection Can Turn Deadly – Invasive Candidiasis

How a vaginal yeast infection can turn deadly

As women, we are all too familiar with discomfort associated with a vaginal yeast infection. The article, vaginal yeast infection discusses the primary infection. However, did you know, that vaginal yeast infections might lead to a more serious condition? This article … [Read more...]