Natural Remedies For Yeast Infection

Read all about remedies for yeast infection and soothe those uncomfortable symptoms.

Since yeast infections are skin conditions (quite a broad topic in fact), these have been acquired by many people today, it is definitely a problem once someone attains this condition. Before we start, what exactly are yeast infections?

Candidiasis”, “candida” or yeast infections as commonly known today, is a result from the overgrowth of yeast (which is a type of fungus) that can grow anywhere on the body. Examples of other fungal infections are vaginal yeast infection, thrush (infection of the oral cavity), nailbed and skin infections and diaper rash. This type of fungus is particularly cosy in warm and moist environments such as the underarms, nailbeds and inbetween the thighs. In babies, the typical areas that yeast infections occur are inside the baby’s mouth and diaper areas.

yeast infection symptoms and remedies

The most common yeast infection in women are vaginal yeast infections which are also called vaginal candidiasis. In adults (both men and women), oral yeast infections are more popularly known especially in the elderly. Adults also acquire candidiasis under skin folds in the areas of the lower abdomen, breast and nail beds. People that are a little more on the heavy side have a higher risk factor in having yeast infections because of more areas on their body that are hidden under skin folds.

Natural Remedies For Yeast Infection: culture of the fungus Candida albicans
culture of the fungus Candida albicans multiplying resulting in a skin infection called Candidiasis

Here are the yeast infection symptoms:
In women

  • White thick discharge (cottage cheese appearance) in the vagina
  • Itching of the surrounding tissues around the vagina
  • More severe cases, pain during intercourse
  • Burning sensation when urinating

In infants and adults – Oral Candidiasis or Thrush

  • White and thick lacy patches on the top portion of the tongue or anywhere inside the mouth
  • Painful tongue making it difficult for eating

Here are the causes of yeast infection:

  • People with weakened immune systems (cancer patients undergoing treatment, steroids, autoimmune diseases like AIDS)
  • In women, a change in the vagina’s environment could cause vaginal candidiasis. Pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, diabetes and birth control pills are also risk factors in acquiring this fungal infection
  • Foreign material or devices inside of the human body such as urinary catheters and IV ports could provide access to yeast
  • Dirty needles from IV drug users could also create yeast and could be injected directly into the bloodstream and deep tissues

Here is a list of effective, affordable and fast remedies for yeast infection that could really help out if you’ve already contracted this condition.

  1. Garlic: This is a yeast infection treatment that is very much helpful because yeast hates garlic. Insert a garlic clove or garlic tab in the vagina every few hours or as needed to help soothe the itching. There are certain ingredients in garlic that are natural and will kill off yeast infection fungus. One of the effective herbal remedies for yeast infection.
  2. Apple-cider vinegar. This treatment for skin yeast infection should be used to caution because if applied directly to the skin it could burn the skin. You can use it external though with combination with bathwater. You can put a cup of it in your bathwater and soak in it to provide and relaxing experience.
  3. Cranberry Juice. Try drinking unsweetened cranberry juice which could help acidify your vaginal secretions to fight off the yeast building up in your private area.
  4. Yogurt: This is one of the health tips that are very popular. The tip is to buy plain and unsweetened yogurt because sugar is the fuel for yeast. This is how to do it? Get a tampo and dip it in the plain yogurt, insert it in the vagina and simply rub some outside on the affected area. Make sure not to leave it in for a long period of time. Twenty to thirty minutes will do.
  5. Boric Acid. This is an inexpensive and safe treatment to try for yeast infection. You can use boric acid capsules as a suppository. Do not use this remedy if you are pregnant because there have been no studies with boric acid being used in pregnant women.
  6. Oil of Oregano: This herb is potent against yeast. You should take it internally daily. Choose the one with high carvacrol content because this is the active ingredient. Recommended: Oreganol Super Strength.
  7. Water: Yes water! This is one of the world’s top treatment for yeast infection and also most powerful secrets ever! Be sure to drink clean and purified water. At least 8 glasses a day, but the more the better. This is as natural as it can get.
  8. Cotton to breathe. For vaginal infections, it is best to use cotton undergarments so that your private area can breathe. Make sure that your pants are also loose.
  9. Practice good hygiene. Frequently washing your genital area could provide symptomatic relief. Try to avoid harsh soaps and feminine hygiene products and keep it simply in terms of choosing soap for your genital area.
  10. For Mouth Yeast Infections: Try drinking cool liquids to soothe the mouth infection.
  11. Baking Soda. Brush your teeth after every meal with mild oral candidiasis in combination with water. Mix baking soda with water to create a paste.
  12. Warm saltwater. Rinse your mouth with warm saltwater to kill off unwanted germs.
  13. Avoid sugars and complex carbohydrates. Sugars and complex carbs provide food for the infection so avoiding it will starve the infection.

These natural yeast infection remedies are beneficial and could do wonders. If your yeast infection is mild, natural treatments could be tried out, but in more severe cases make sure to seek medical consultation. But these health tips and natural treatments are proven effective so trying out homemade remedies for yeast infection could make it all worth it without hurting your budget and yourself.

A must try remedies for yeast infection to lessen symptoms caused by nasty yeast infections, prevent it and manage it now! Even though I have provided you with very helpful information about yeast infections, I suggest that you to click on the image link below and gain more knowledge. Find out more about how to deal with this medical condition and defeat it!
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