Cellulite Natural Remedies

Do you hate cottage cheese on your thighs and buttocks?
If the answer is yes, then read on because there are now cellulite remedies that could help you out big time!

Cellulite has always been a big predicament for people all over the world. Cellulite treatments at spas and dermatologist clinics have been increasing popular because of the countless women that want to get rid of that nasty cottage cheese that they have. Read on to learn about cellulite natural remedies and be amazed at how easy and effective it is!

Cellulite, also known as cottage cheese, isn’t a disease, but people do dread it because it’s very much visible in a person’s body especially the thighs and buttocks. It affects women as they age and rarely men since men have less amount of fat (adipose tissue) in the areas cellulite usually start to form. Cellulite is caused by the various fat cells in these areas that start to lax and become less organized in structure which eventually form into lumps and depressions in a person’s skin.

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Cellulite is caused usually by heredity and obesity. Women who have mothers with cellulite tend to have cottage cheese thighs as they start to age also. Also, a woman that has gained quite a few pounds throughout the years will most likely have cellulite.

When it comes to cellulite natural remedies, it’s a wee bit tougher because it is genetic. But you can try to fight it while you’re still younger if it does run in the family. Since there are no medical cures and treatments for cellulite that have been proven effective, losing weight and exercising has been the number one way to avoid this nasty problem. Avoid crash dieting because the drastic lost in weight could worsen the skin appearance and aggravate it. Regular exercise and massage (gentle stroking of the skin) could be very beneficially in the prevention of this dilemma.

You can try out this natural skin remedy for cellulite. Fill up your bathtub and add two drops each of the following oils:

  1. Juniper
  2. Grapefruit
  3. Cypress
  4. Mandarin

You then mix it around in the water before you climb into the bath tub. Since these essentials oils are mild astringents, it will temporary tighten your skin which could improve the appearance of cellulite.

If your skin is dry, you can try mixing one teaspoon of carrier oil, along with one quarter cup of milk and/or one tablespoon of honey or glycerine, for added moisturizing benefits.

The best way to avoid cottage cheese thighs and buttocks is by prevention. Natural cellulite remedies aren’t as plentiful as the other ailments because it is genetics. But with these cellulite natural remedies mentioned, it could help out with tightening of the skin to lessen the appearance of the cottage cheese that you already have.

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Natural cellulite remedies

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