Health Benefits of Goldenseal

Latin name: hydrastis canadensis
Common name: orange root, golden root, eye root, eye balm, poor man’s ginseng

Goldenseal, also known as “orangeroot”, “eye balm”, “goldenroot” and “poor man’s ginseng” has been widely used as an anti-inflammatory, anti-catarrhal, antiseptic, muscular stimulant, laxative and astringent.

Goldenseal is a herb that grows wild in different parts of the United States but is becoming endangered by over harvesting. It is not being grown commercially across the US especially in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

This herb is one of the most popular herbs our on the market today because of the numerous benefits that it could provide.

Health Benefits of GoldensealWhat it is used for:

  • Reported to be effective to use in gastrointestinal ailments such as colitis, gastritis, infectious diarrhea, duodenal ulcers and appetite loss
  • Known to be an excellent treatment in bleeding especially after childbirth
  • Minor wound healing and fungal infections of the skin
  • Said to be useful for women to treat painful menstruation and pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Said to be beneficial in treatment of conjunctivitis, ear infections and gum disease
  • Helpful in treating eczema and vaginal inflammations
  • Reported to be helpful in treating some types of cancers

How it is used:

The parts of the goldenseal plant that are underground and roots are dried up and used to make liquid extracts, teas and solid extracts that may be used for capsules and tablets.

Side effects and cautions:

  • Recommended to be used only for short time (4-6 weeks only) usage because rare side effects may occur such as nausea and vomiting
  • Low dosage is widely recommended because there is little information about the safety of giving high dosages
  • Consult doctor about taking Goldenseal in conjunction with other medications because this herb may alter how the body processes other drugs causing different effects
  • Women who are pregnant (because Goldenseal can stimulate uterine contractions) and breastfeeding should avoid taking Goldenseal due to life-threatening conditions
  • Do not give this herb to infants and younger children because of adverse side effects that could occur
  • Consult taking this herb with your doctor if already taking existing blood thinner medications

Today, goldenseal is used for respiratory conditions, infections, infectious diarrhea, inflammations of the vagina and occasionally used to treat some forms of cancer. It could also be applied to cankers sores, sore gums as a mouthwash and also for wounds. You may wish to consider trying out this herb after consultation with your healthcare professional to help treat your minor medical illnesses naturally.

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