Bacterial Vaginosis – The #1 Yeast Infection

The #1 Yeast Infection

You probably thought that vaginal yeast infections were the number 1 vaginal infection, didn’t you? Read on to learn more. Don’t ever make assumptions about your health. Various vaginal infections require different treatments and could be more serious than just a yeast … [Read more...]

How A Vaginal Yeast Infection Can Turn Deadly – Invasive Candidiasis

How a vaginal yeast infection can turn deadly

As women, we are all too familiar with discomfort associated with a vaginal yeast infection. The article, vaginal yeast infection discusses the primary infection. However, did you know, that vaginal yeast infections might lead to a more serious condition? This article … [Read more...]

8 Do-It-Yourself Remedies for Vaginal Yeast Infection

DIY vaginal yeast remedies

If you are tired of going to the doctor’s office every time you experience itching, burning and discharge symptoms of read on. This article provides DIY remedies for your vaginal yeast infection. (For More Info On Linda's Incredible Journey Click … [Read more...]

10 Natural Ways to Help Treat Male Yeast Infections

male yeast infection remedies

Having a penile yeast infection may be an embarrassing matter to discuss with someone other than a doctor. Sometimes even bringing it up with your healthcare provider may be quite uncomfortable too. This is where I come in :) I want to provide you with the basic yet … [Read more...]

List of Iron Deficiency Diseases

magnified view of red and blood cells

Iron is a vital component to our bodies but also a common medical condition that people may encounter is termed as iron deficiency. Hemoglobin, which contains iron, is part of our red blood cells that bring oxygen from our lungs to all the parts of our body. Our muscles … [Read more...]