Oregano Health Benefits and Cautions

Latin name: Origanum vulgare
Common names: True oregano, Common Marjoram, WIld Marjoram

Oregano is one of the most famous herbs in Europe because it is widely used in European cuisines. This herb is described to have a pleasant mint aroma with purple flowers.

It is sometimes mistaken for another herb called “marjoram” because of the similar physical characteristics that it has. Oregano has both anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial components and could also be used for its pleasant smell for potpourri, soaps and lotions.


What it is used for:

  • Known to aid in lessening discomfort from flatulence and excessive abdominal gas
  • Said to be beneficial in respiratory conditions such as coughs, asthma and bronchitis
  • Could be used to help woman alleviate discomfort with menstrual cramps and effective in regulating the menstrual cycle
  • Could lessen pain from the joints and toothaches
  • Contains diuretic properties
  • Could also be used as an antidote for venomous bites from insects and snakes
  • Helpful to reduce itching and other skin inflammations
  • Reported to be effective for sore muscles, arthritis and swelling
  • Commonly used as a culinary herb for Greek, Italian, Turkish, Dominican and Spanish cuisine
  • Used in soaps, lotions and potpourri

How it is used?

The herb, Oregano is a popular plant in cooking because of its leaves. It could also be found in capsules, oil extracts, teas and aromatherapy.

Side effects and cautions:

  • Some mild side effect that oregano are stomach upset, vomiting,
  • If you have an allergy to this plant then make sure you keep from taking it
  • Due to unknown effects of this herb to pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding, it is best to keep away from it to avoid unwanted adverse effects
  • Since oregano has effects on lowering blood sugar, consult healthcare professional before taking in combination with medication that also lower blood sugar might cause hypoglycemia.

Oregano has been a long used medicinal herb in treatment of a variety of medical conditions. Most commonly this herb has been said to be helpful in reducing temperatures in fevers, diarrhea, indigestion and vomiting. Since oregano has been said to have anti-oxidant, anti-fungal and antibiotics properties, it has been thought to help out a number of medical conditions. But of course before trying out this herb, or any other herb in that case, be sure you talk to your healthcare professional about the possible side effects or allergies that you may have to any certain herb.

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  1. says

    You are right on target with oregano. I used it in reversing my mother’s emphysema. The doctors said it was not possible to reverse emphysema and COPD and I would have believed them if I had not watched my mother recover from end stage emphysema.

    I realized that emphysema and COPD were a result of a pathogen introduced into the lungs by smoking. Oregano helps to kill this pathogen.

    I actually wrote a book about my mother’s recovery with all the details so others could benefit. So far more than 3500 people in 13 different countries have survived this horrible disease as a result.

    It is great that people are finally catching on and realizing that drugs only mask symptoms temporarily but offer no actual healing. Supplements heal the body. Small, subtle improvements that are permanent and can be built upon daily.

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