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Latin name: Allium sativum
Common names: Stinking rose, Poor man’s treacle, Stinkweed

Garlic, is one of the widely used herbs today due to both its culinary and medicinal purposes. Also called “stinking rose” and “poor man’s treacle” this herb is one of the most popular kitchen herbs today.

This widely used herb is known for its white bulb shape, small cloves surrounding it, eccentric smell and sharp taste. There are many types of garlic out in the world today. From pink to purple skinned garlic cloves to the traditional American large and white cloves, they come in various shapes and sizes and are grown in different regions all over the world.

home remedies with garlic

What it is used for:

  • Commonly used for high cholesterol levels, heart disease and hypertension
  • Said to help in preventing stroke and aneurysm
  • Said to prevent certain types of cancers such as colon and stomach cancers
  • Known to be beneficial preventing colds, flus and bronchitis
  • Lowers blood sugar in diabetics
  • Could be used to treat skin problems and fungal infections
  • Has components to detoxify
  • Stimulates cell production and improves circulation
  • Said to help in warding off evil spirits
  • Beneficial for wounds and bacterial infections
  • Could relieve tiredness and works as a powerful detoxifier
  • Used to enhance various types of food

How it is used:

The cloves of the garlic may be bried or crushed into a powder to be made into capsules and tablets. They could also be eaten raw or used in cooking. Other forms are oils and liquid extracts.

Side effects and cautions:

  • Common side effects are: body odor, bad breath, upset stomach, heartburn, allergic reactions
  • This herb is a very well known natural blood thinner, which is very similar to aspirin. It is always best to consult your doctor about taking any form of garlic when taking medications that could also thin the blood because excessive bleeding may occur
  • Use this herb with caution especially with planned surgery or dental work
  • May have counteractions with medications –consult healthcare professional to be sure
  • Avoid garlic if with peptic ulcer, reflux disease or any digestive tract ailment
  • Diabetics should be cautious in consuming large doses of garlic
  • If pregnant or breast feeding, avoid large consumptions of this herb

Garlic has been used both as a spice and for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Even today, this herb has been known to be beneficial for our cardiovascular system and preventing serious medical conditions related to this system. Although it is known to help out cardiovascular ailments, it shouldn’t be the only treatment because all conditions are classified either as a mild form to more serious and life threatening conditions. Talk to your doctor about what benefits you can attain from the intake of garlic.

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