The Real Reason For Snoring

Do you have any idea of the reason for snoring?

Did you ever feel embarrassed to have others hear you snoring away those ZZsss?

Snoring is a common respiratory problem that both men and women, young and old face all around the world. The reason for snoring is when there are vibrations that cause tiny particles in the air to form sound waves. While asleep, turbulent or obstructive flow of air can cause the nose and throat tissues to vibrate and that’s when people snore. The sound varies from a soft sound to a more harsh and unpleasant sound. Snoring during sleep could be taken as a sign of obstructive sleep apnea.

A list of reasons for sudden snoring are the following:

  • Sleeping on their back side which could result in the tongue dropping in the back of the mouth
  • Sleeping relaxants such as medications that relax the throat, alcohol and drugs
  • Obstruction in the nasal passageways
  • Fat gathering in and around a person’s throat
  • Weakness of the throat muscles, causing it to close during sleep

The real reason for snoringSnoring occurs in 45% of men and 30% of women. Although snoring seems to be a grave problem, there are simple natural remedies that could be done in non-severe cases.

Losing weight is known to be the number one best way to prevent snoring. If you recently just gained weight and noticed that your snoring started all because of your recent weight gain, then losing weight is definitely the way to go. Fat in or around your throat area compresses the internal diameter of your throat which causes it to collapse during sleep.

Try changing your sleeping position. Once you determine what position causes you to snore, you could try to change into a different position that could lessen or even stop snoring. You should remember that sleeping on your back may cause your tongue and soft palate to move back to the back of your throat and cause the vibration. Try sleeping on your side. It could actually sleep out a whole lot.

Avoid alcohol. Sedatives such as alcohol can be a reason for snoring because of the relaxation of the throat muscles. Studies show that drinking alcohol four to five hours before getting into bed and sleeping can cause for snoring worse.

Have a good sleeping pattern. Working and stressing all throughout the day and lacking sleep can cause snoring because of over fatigue. The deeper you sleep because of being so tired from your day’s activities causes you muscles to relax much more thus causing snoring.

Take a warm shower before bed to open nasal passages. A reason for snoring is because of clogged up and narrowed nasal passageways. So keep them open by taking a warm bath before sleeping. With a clogged up and narrowed passageway, fast-moving air can produce snoring.

The reason for snoring could be altered and snoring could be prevented. It isn’t hard to follow these natural remedies because it’s free of charge and it could save you from complications that can come from snoring. Sleep soundly and stop that nasty snoring habit!

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