8 Must-Try Natural Treatments for Skin Yeast Infections

When you hear the word yeast infection, many types may come into mind. We have oral yeast infections, skin, vaginal, penile, yeast infections in children and also systemic kinds. Affecting both men and women of all ages, this infection may pretty much hit anyone who has imbalances in their body.

In today’s article, I want to give vital information about skin yeast infections. I will talk about the most common skin infections which are athlete’s foot and jock itch. Included in this article are the following:

  • What causes skin yeast infections?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • How are each diagnosed by your doctor?
  • What are the natural remedies for each skin yeast infection that could really help you to treat it or prevent it?

Now you pretty much have a good idea about the content of my article, let us start it off.

Skin yeast infection treatments

What are skin yeast infections?

Yeast Infections that occur on the skin are called “cutaneous candidiasis.” They are caused by a fungus called “candida.” These infections can occur pretty much anywhere on the skin surface but are commonly found on the areas of the skin that are moist and warm such as the between the fingers and toes, armpits, groin area, under the breasts and in the folds of the buttocks.

What causes these skin infections?

Something that you should all know is that fungus loves to live in warm and moist surroundings. This infection is common during the summer where the temperature is warm and humid.

  • People who go to community bath rooms and pools who are usually not wearing footwear on the floors may commonly get athlete’s foot.
  • People who wear tight shoes are also prone to this infection
  • People who use infected materials such as towels, shoes and socks
  • People who have diabetes and weak immune systems

What are the symptoms?

Not all the symptoms that are mentioned occur because they do vary from person to person. Do keep in mind that every individual may present symptoms while others may have different ones.

  • Itching and burning of the affected area on the skin may be felt
  • Redness may be seen on affected area
  • Blisters, softening and breaking down of the skin may occur
  • Pain on affected area
  • Peeling and cracking may also be seen
  • Pimple-like bumps
  • Patches that may ooze out clear fluid
Skin yeast infection remedies: candidiasis of a fingernail
image credit: CDC

How is skin yeast infections diagnosed?

The best way to find out if you have this skin infection is by going to your doctor and having them take a medical history and a medical examination and also having him/her scrape skin from the affected area. After, they will look at the scraped skin under a microscope to look for evidence of the fungus.

Effective natural remedies for skin yeast infections:

  1. Baking soda for skin yeast infectionBaking soda. I’m pretty sure everybody has baking soda somewhere around the house. Baking soda can actually be used to absorb the odors and help take away the itching between the toes. Get one tablespoon of baking soda and just enough water to make a paste. Apply the paste to affected area on foot, rinse and dry thoroughly. Apply corn starch or powder after.
  2. Much needed foot soak. Get two cups of warm water and add in two teaspoons of salt. Let feet soak in it for at least 10 to 15 minutes. You can continue to do this all throughout the week until your feet show improvement or are already healed.
  3. Make some green tea.green tea for skin yeast infection Green tea is actually a natural astringent because it contains polyphenols that inhibit bacteria that may cause infections and it also helps to dry out sweaty feet. All you have to do is steep five tea bags in a liter of boiling water for five minutes. Let it cool until it is lukewarm and then let your feet soak in it for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Yogurt to cure. Make sure you don’t use sweetened yogurts because sugar does feed yeast. Plain yogurts will do. Yogurt has certain components that could treat yeast infections on the skin. Dab on some yogurt on the affected area, let it dry for at least 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off.
  5. Mustard oil soak. Try adding a few drops of mustard oil to a liter of water for a foot bath. Mustard could help kill the fungus. Soak it in for half an hour for best results.
  6. Apple cider vinegar fo skin yeast infectionApple cider vinegar. Remember not to directly apply this on the skin because it is very strong and may cause irritation. To apply it externally, add a cup of apple-cider vinegar to bathwater and soak in it to help you feel relaxed and give off soothing effects. This may give temporary relief.
  7. Virgin coconut oil. To help kill yeast on the skin surfaces, you can try spreading virgin coconut oil on the affected area at least twice a day. This is effective for mild skin infections.
  8. Tea tree oil and aloe vera gel (only pure aloe vera). Since tea tree oil is a natural anti-fungal and aloe is a skin protectant, using both for fungal infection may be very useful. Mix together a tablespoon of aloe vera and a couple drops of tea tree oil and apply to affected area.

These natural treatments for skin yeast infections is a must try. The best possible way of staying away from these yeast infections is prevention of course. Having a good personal hygiene, staying away from dirty environments and keeping healthy are the best ways to stay away from infections.

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Skin yeast infection remedy

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