Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Have you ever experienced being embarrassed to raise your arms because of darkening armpits?
Which would you rather have dark underarms naturally or white underarms naturally? Of course, white underarms!

This is definitely a probably that many women are experiencing today. Besides nasty body odordark armpits prevent you from wearing a sleeveless shirt or dress that you always wanted to wear and it prevents you from raising your arms high up in the air during a rollercoaster ride. Get rid of dark underarms with a few simple natural underarm whitening remedies. What you want to know is that you have an even and white toned underarm for a boost of confidence.

How do you get rid of dark underarms? It is possible. But before those natural remedies, this is the question to ask. What causes dark underarms?

Get Rid Of Dark Underarms
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  1. A medical condition of the integumentary system called “acanthosis nigricans” which is a condition where light brown to dark brown marks are in the neck region, under arms and groin area. Insulin production or glandular disorders could cause this ailment and could contribute to the darkening of a person’s underarms.
  2. Hyperpigmentation – This is a condition where the skin produces excess melanin (a substance that gives natural color to a person’s hair and skin).
  3. Antiperspirant and deodorant use – the chemicals used in these products could possible contribute to the discoloration of the skin.
  4. Friction with clothing – the frequent rubbing of clothing to the underarms could cause it to darken.
  5. Shaving – it has been the largest contributing factor to darkening of underarms.

Underarm whitening: Here are a few natural skin remedies that are effective to lighten dark underarms.

  • Lemon has always been a favorite in getting rid of dark underarms. Rubbing the lemon on the affected area every day will eventually lightening your underarms. You can also try spritzing lemon juice on your armpits a few times throughout the day for a faster bleaching process.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is a natural remedy that isn’t commonly known but does work. It’s generally used to clean open wounds and clear it from bacteria. But it also could work for removing skin discolorations. Apply the hydrogen peroxide to your underarms once or twice a day until you start seeing whiter underarms.
  • Yogurt in combination with dry crushed orange peels used as a scrub could also be effective in whitening.
  • Lactic acid could be used to bleach underarms. The acid removes the dead skin cells that could contribute to darkening of the skin. You can use milk or buttermilk also because it also contains lactic acid. The use of milk and buttermilk is a much safer remedy.

skin-lightening-reportDon’t let dark underarms ruin your chance at wearing that beautiful dress or sexy sleeveless blouse that you always wanted to wear. Take care of your underarm skin because it will be your boost of self esteem. In a few days or months with using natural remedies for underarm whitening, you can say bye-bye to dark underarms! Get rid of dark underarms in a couple days, it is possible!

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