Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Do you want to know how to get rid of dark underarms? Learn how to lighten dark skin fast and naturally without having to go further than your kitchen or medicine cabinet.

Ladies, no need to make quick wardrobe changes, so no one will see your skin discoloration. Read this article and you can wear your little head-turning black sleeveless dress in confidence. Interested in learning what causes this condition?! Just read on, you will also get access to an resource that contains so much more information.

lighten underarms

What causes dark underarms?

First, some important facts:

Acanthosis Nigricans is a medical condition of the integumentary system that causes dark, velvety areas of discoloration that appear under your arms and other parts of your body. Insulin production or glandular disorders could cause this ailment and could contribute to the darkening of underarms.

Hyperpigmentation is simply a harmless skin discoloration from the over-production of melanin (brown pigment or coloring in your skin). This is caused by over-exposure to sun and is also referred to as age spots, liver spots or freckles.

Other causes of underarm darkening:

  1. Shaving or waxing – learn the proper way to shave to avoid darkening and other skin conditions.
  2. Build up of dead skin cells – Like a snake, human skin also sheds. It’s always good practice to exfoliate your skin. It’s not only healthy, but it will keep your skin looking young.
  3. Get Rid Of Dark Underarms
    By Madhero88 via Wikimedia Commons

    Products you use – Some products you use can be harmful and contain dangerous ingredients and chemicals and excessive use of these products.
    • Deodorant
    • Hair removal creams

  4. Clothing – A cause and preventative
    • Does not allow for sweat absorption
    • Wear loose fitting clothing, especially in the hotter months
    • Wearing dark colors too much can create friction between the underarms
  5. Excessive sweating – If you were in a sauna, you would sweat and your pores would open and allow whatever is in the environment in. Try and keep a cool towelette or hankie with you, especially if you work outdoors in extreme heat and stay hydrated at all times.

As you can see, there are quite a few explanations as to why this may have happened. Now, let’s discuss how you can lighten your skin with ingredients in your kitchen or medicine cabinet.

Home Remedies to Whiten Underarms

  1. Lemon juice skin lightening – A tried and true favorite for skin lightening and tightening
    • Before each shower, apply fresh lemon or lemon juice on affected area
    • Leave for about 20-30 minutes
    • Use moisturizer instead of deodorant for a few days
  2. Potato, sugar and lemon juice – lightener
    o Mix the following, apply for 30 minutes, rinse
    • 2 tablesoons of grated potato
    • 2 tablespoons sugar
    • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  3. Hydrogen peroxide – a natural remedy that isn’t commonly known but does work for removing skin discolorations.
    o Apply once or twice a day to lighten
  4. Yogurt – natural skin whitener and exfoliate
    • Combine plain yogurt and crushed orange peel
    • Scrub the area
    • Rinse
  5. Lactic acid mask recipe – lightening, acne, wrinkles & fine lines and to exfoliate.
    • Make a paste out of 1 tablespoon of powdered milk and raw apple cider vinegar
    • Apply mask to underarms
    • Leave on for about 15-20 minutes
    • Remove gently with a soft cloth and luke warm water
    • Moisturize
  6. Baking soda* – Remove dead skin cells, do this once a day.
    o Make a paste – 2:1 baking soda to water ratio
    o Massage 30 seconds to 2 minutes (depends on the sensitivity of your skin)
    o Rinse
    *Use with caution if you are on a low sodium diet; baking soda is primarily salt.

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