Natural Cures for Vitiligo

If you’re a person dealing with the skin condition called “vitiligo”, well don’t worry, because you are not alone. This ailment may affect pretty much all races but usually is more prominent in individuals with darker complexions. Since this condition could make a person feel embarrassed of how they look, there are tips and natural remedies available if symptoms are still mild. Let us begin with a simple summary of what vitiligo is.

Vitiligo is a condition where the melanin on the skin is lost. Melanin, if you don’t exactly have a clue what it does, is the pigment that determines a person’s skin color. It begins when melanin cell’s start to die and melanin is no longer formed. Which result in the development of white patches all throughout the skin. These patches start slowly and gradual increase in size. This condition can be seen in patients between the ages 10 and 30 years old and is a chronic disease.

If you are diagnosed with skin disease vitiligo by your healthcare professional, they will most likely let you know that there is no cure for this condition. The main goal of treatment is to retard and slow down the progression of loss in melanin and also try to have the individual’s color return back to normal.

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Let’s talk about causes of vitiligo because most people do often wonder why it starts to develop. Scientists and doctors don’t know the specific cause, but they do have theories.

  • It has also been said that it is triggered from stress and sunburns if not treated promptly
  • Immune system disorders was said to play a part in developing this condition. Autoimmune diseases are when your own body starts to attack its own cells and destroys them
  • It has been determined that females are more prone to this condition
  • A person who is suffering from melanoma (a disorder that affects the productions of melanin)

Now that we know some of the “said possible causes” of vitiligo, let’s talk about the possible symptoms:

Main symptom: enlarging white patches all throughout the skin

The depigmentation is usually first seen on areas of the skin that has been exposed to the sun. These areas may be the face, lips, arms, hands and feet. At some rare occasions, the genitals may also be affected.

To be properly diagnosed, your doctor may do one or more of the following tests to be guided for the proper treatment:

  • Initially, a physical examination of your body will be done followed by him/her asking about your medical history (family history of this condition, sensitivity to chemicals and the sun, recent damage to the skin such as sun burns, melanoma history and also about stress in your life)
  • Blood test to rule out an autoimmune disease
  • Wood lamp test may also be done. This is a device used that gives off ultraviolet light on the person’s skin to confirm vitiligo
  • Skin biopsy

Now that you have a summary of the vital facts, I want to share with you the vitiligo home remedies that you can try out if you have a mild form of this skin disorder. It may not cure it, since there isn’t a cure for it, but it may help slow down the progression of the depigmentation.

  1. Focus on your diet. Pay attention in eating foods such as green vegetables, soy beans, fruits and almonds. Stay away from alcohol, junk foods, canned foods, dairy products, beef and fishes. It may trigger the aggravation of vitiligo
  2. Skin protection. No matter what your skin color may be, it is always vital to protect your skin. Use a sunscreen that has SPF30. It helps protect you from UVA and UVB light, which are those harmful rays of the sun. Also a great sunburn natural remedy.
  3. Ginkgo biloba. This herb is known to treat skin conditions. You can purchase capsules of this at your local herbal store. Take a capsule of this herb, 40 mg at least 3x a day. Talk to your doctor before the intake of any herb to make sure you take the proper dosage and aren’t allergic.
  4. Basil leaves and lime juice. It is said that melanin production could be started by taking a mixture of lime juice and basil leaves. All you have to do is combine extract of basil leaves and lime juice. Spread on the mixture all over the affected areas of the body evenly at least 3x a day
  5. H20 and copper utensils. Seems very different from what you’ve heard I’m sure, but this is actually a safe and risk-free treatment for skin condition vitiligo. Store water in copper utensils and drink the water every morning for at least 6 months. It is said that by doing this, it stimulates the melanin production in the body.

Please do keep in mind, before trying out any natural remedy, consult your healthcare professional to make sure it is safe and could help you out. The said natural remedies included in this article are both safe and effective and used by many individuals. If you’re still interested in learning about vitiligo cures, I wanted to share with you this website that I found very accommodating and interesting. It contains many other natural remedies that other people have used and safe to be successful. Read about success stories of other people sharing the same condition as you. You don’t have to feel alone in all this because other people may also be going through the same problem.


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