Natural Home Remedies For Acne

Natural home remedies for acne that really work!
Have you ever tried to search on-line about natural acne treatment at home?
Did you take down notes and actual try it out?
Did it actually work?

If you answered, “YES” for the first two questions and “NO” for the last, well we can definitely do something about your dilemma. Here are a few natural home remedies for acne that will give you instant results that will amaze you in just a couple days and/or weeks (Of course, results will vary because every individual has their own unique healing process, BUT it will work)

Before getting started on the natural home remedies for acne, let’s tackle the reason why acne is a major problem.

Natural home remedies for acne - teenager with acneAcne vulgaris or simply identified as acne, pimples, blemishes and/or zits has always been an integumentary problem for a majority of young adults and even older adults. Skin problems are dilemma for around 85% of teenagers and could definitely ruin a person’s confidence especially people with severe acne. Acne and acne scars have also been a problem for me since I started puberty. It got so bad that I even tried going to a dermatologist just for treatments that were quite painful and pricey.

If I knew sooner about natural skin remedies for acne back in the past I would of tried it before jumping to medical experts. I know the feeling of having acne on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Not exactly a moment I want to go out and face a crowd of people. Although makeup could be put on to create an illusion of clear skin, when you take off all the foundation and powder off, you’re left with even more aggravated skin. It’s embarrassing going to school or work or just simply facing your friends because you feel like they’re always looking at your pimple(s) and having to look at yourself in the mirror isn’t always pleasant because it degrades your self-confidence.

Since acne occurs when the pores (the tiny holes all over your face) are normally drain the natural oils form the skin tend to get blocked and start to accumulate. The accumulation of these oils could develop into “whiteheads” (beneath the skin) and/or “blackheads” (visible at the skin’s suface). I usually get whiteheads mostly on my forehead, nose and cheeks while blackheads are more on my nose. Natural home remedies for acne such as these types, are available and could lessen whiteheads and blackheads.

The blockage of these oils causes the skin to eventually get infected because of the bacteria that isn’t being released creating skin redness and inflammations all throughout the skin. Acne usually starts developing when a person reaches puberty because of over secretion of hormones and oils from the body. The increased release of sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) could cause this popular skin condition because there is also a surge of skin oils (“sebum”) that causes acne to trigger.

Lifestyle habits such as not having good personal hygiene, focusing your diet on foods that are high in sugar and carbs can also trigger these hormones and flare up acne formation. Another factor to the worsening of acne is picking at the pimple and touching your face without washing your hands prior. A little 911, don’t be fooled, acne doesn’t just appear on the face, it can also appear on a person’s back and also arms and legs.

Before searching for popular skin doctors, you may want to try the following organic and  natural acne remedies. I’m pretty sure you have nothing to lose if you try these natural acne treatments out and who knows you might even find that your acne is being treated and it won’t cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars either.

You always want to go easy on your face even when you want to treat your acne. Let’s start off from simple to a little more complex in our natural home remedies for acne.

  • Try washing your face in this order: warm water first, to open pores, a mild cleanser, lastly, cool water to close and tighten pores.
  • Orange peels, aloe vera and applying fresh mint juice every night could treat present acne and skin damaged from acne
  • Try boiling 2-3 tea bags and put combine it with basil for 10-20 minutes to use as a liquid solution to spread over face with a cotton ball

Try out tea tree oil (best for adult acne).

Tea Tree OilThis is one of the best home acne remedies because it doesn’t cause the skin from drying out like over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide could do to your skin. This oil is termed to be as a natural antibiotic. It contains antiseptic (a substance that kills or prevents bacteria growth) properties and when massaged on the blemish itself could help kill those bacteria on the surface.

You could try washing your face two or three times a day followed by the application of tea tree oil for better and faster results. It could also prevent future acne from erupting. 100% pure tea tree oil is best to get the job done. You could use this oil in a mixture of almond or vitamin E to prevent over drying of your skin and irritation.

Try out a BANANA MASK!

bananaAnother one of those great natural remedies to cure acne for the sudden appearance of a nasty pimple is a banana facial mask. You can try out an overnight banana mask which could help soothe and get rid of your blemish. The sugars and enzymes in the fruit tend to fight the infection. All you have to do is scrape the inside of a very ripe banana and mash it up then apply to the infected area. For better results you can cover it up with gauze. When you wake up in the morning, wipe and wash the area clean and see the improvement.

Oil elimination is vital to preventing acne. Try out these oil eliminator natural home remedies for acne astringents.

  • Geranium oil
  • Chamomile – anti inflammatory agent
  • Bergamot – a herb known for antiseptic purposes

In your diet:

Try staying up from dairy products (milk and cheese products) and foods high in sugar and carbohydrates for at least 6-10 weeks. It may be difficult but by doing this, you could be saving your skin from further aggravation of acne. Try out a high protein and low sugar diet instead. A little 411 for you, researchers have proven that chocolate doesn’t cause acne. WHEW! But of course, eat always in moderation. Not too much and not too little. Think balance!

Natural remedies for acne are inexpensive and easy to do. Give it a chance, it could be the answer to your acne questions. Natural home remedies for acne could do wonders for your skin.

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