Natural Remedies For Body Odor

If you’re having problems with body odor, no need to worry because there are natural remedies for body odor!

Are you experiencing a case of BO a.k.a. body odor?

Well, you don’t have to have this problem since body odor could be eliminated with just a few home remedies for body odor now available.

Body odor is definitely a problem that can lower a person’s self-esteem. So who really wants to have this dilemma? I’m pretty sure nobody does. You may have heard that body odor is caused by excessive perspiration (sweating). That’s only about half right about this integumentary system condition because sweat itself is actually odorless.

Natural Remedies For Body Odor, excessive underarm sweatAnaerobic bacteria”, which means bacteria that live in the absence of oxygen, are one of the culprits in the odor coming from a person’s body. As the body tries to get rid of its waste products through its metabolism process, imbalances could result in possible unpleasant body odors.

Body odors could also be caused by dietary imbalances. People who have large intakes of meat or who are vegetarians could have very distinctive body odors which could be offensive. The reason for that is because some people cannot metabolize foods that have large amounts of “choline” (a B-complex vitamin that is essential in the metabolism of fat). Foods such as eggs, liver, legumes and fish may contain this substance which could therefore result in that “fighy” smell. Other reasons for body odor is because of the foods that people eat. Let’s take for example foods such as curry, garlic, onions, certain spicy foods, alcohol and coffee could result in poor body odor control.

A person can also have body odor due to other medical conditions such as the following:

  • Fungal infections
  • Liver diseases
  • Kidney diseases

Nobody wants nasty body odor right? Just like natural remedies for excessive sweating, there are also natural cure for body odor that could work wonders for everyone with this problem.

Here are a few natural remedies for body odor that could really help out.

  1. Home remedies for underarm odor is a must-try! Try out these odor control treatments that could result in sweet-smelling success. Remember that these following ingredients won’t prevent you from excessive sweating, but are used only as deodorants. Dab any of the following elements under your arms at least once a day for better results:
    • Tea tree oil (antimicrobial)
    • Rubbing alcohol (antiseptic)
    • Green tea extract or tea bags
    • Bergamot essential oil (antiseptic)
    • Apple cider vinegar (changes the pH level of skin to a higher level so that bacteria grow slowly)
  2. Mineral Aid: Tone down that excessive sweating with this simple remedy. Take 20 to 30 mg of zinc supplements daily. Zinc deficiency is believed to cause excessive sweating in people.
  3. Odor-fighting formula:

What to do? – Get a clean glass bowl or beaker-shaped glass, mix together 2 tablespoons witch hazel, 2 table spoons apple cider vinegar, 12 drops grapefruit seed extract, 3 drops tea tree oil, 2 drops essential oil of lemon and 2 drops essential juniper oil. Using a cotton ball apply this solution under your arms daily. Make sure you test this solution on your wrist to make sure that your skin isn’t allergic or too sensitive to it.

With these natural remedies for body odor, you don’t have to worry all too much about having that unpleasant body odor.

Having body odor is never an easy situation especially when it comes to a person’s confidence. If you find this article very informative and useful, I highly recommend that you click on the image link below to find out more about “The Sweat Miracle System Today.” Be amazed and start your path to an odor-less life!
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