Natural Remedies VS. Modern Medicine

Natural remedies vs. modern medicine – This is not a competition but an alliance

In our generation today there has been a debate about natural remedies versus modern medicine. There are been a soaring increase in the number of hospitals, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare specialist that are there to diagnosis, cure and treat all different kinds of illnesses, whether it is a simple headache to something a little more serious such as diabetes and cancer. Being a healthcare professional, seeing the hospital setup and having knowledge about various types of treatments and medications that are given to patients to relieve symptoms or destroy bacteria, funguses, deadly cells and etc.

With the craving of human beings to be healthy and finding an instant fix for all kinds of diseases, modern medicine has definitely been a choice of the majority. It is the thought about living longer and living healthier that all human beings are attaining for. When you have a slight headache, you open up your medicine drawer and reach for the aspirin. But what others probably don’t realize is that non-pharmacological interventions should be tried first before jumping to taking medications for that instant fix.

Natural Remedies VS. Modern MedicineThe common misconception with natural remedies is when one starts believing in and taking in herbal products and botanical compounds that they shouldn’t consider modern medications and treatments.

It is clearly stated that it is an option that could be used initially if the symptoms or problem isn’t too serious. A slight headache, a small rash, a little itchiness and other conditions could probably be treated with something less chemically filled. There are still chances of the symptoms or conditions subsiding, but if the symptoms continue to worsen, then rush to your nearest hospital.

Natural alternative remedies have been dated way back to our ancestors and differ from culture to culture. Let us take the Chinese for example, their herbal remedies have been dated thousands of years ago and they are known to use plant elements mainly. But not solely plants, they also use animal human and mineral products.

The Filipinos also have their own type of natural remedies. “Albularyos” (The Filipinos traditional medicine man or woman) use ginger because it is believed to be a powerful antioxidant and could be used for inflammations, antibacterial and antifungal. Ginger is believed to be a cure for a whooping cough, acne and liver problems.

Native Americans on the other hand, have spiritual leaders also known as the medicine man and also use plants, roots and herbs to treat and heal members of their tribe. Those are only a few of the cultures that believe in herbal remedies as the cure for illnesses. But since we’re more familiar with modern-day medications and treatments, these natural herbal remedies aren’t too popular.

Modern medicine is one of the largest industries in the world and traditional medicine cannot surpass the effect it has to the world. But, natural home remedies aren’t trying to compete with the medicine and treatments today. You can think of remedies as the initial “could try” plan before symptoms and conditions exacerbate instead of running to your doctor or hospital as first thought. Remember though, if your symptoms or illness is serious, go right on ahead and ask consultation from your doctor or hospital.

Various systems in the body

Your body is your temple. You should always know and keep in mind to take care of it, give it balance to everything around you. This means not having too much or too little of anything. There should always be a ying and yang in your life. Each system in your body is vital to your well-being and health.

  • Your cardiovascular system (main organ: heart) deals with the pumping of your heart to distribute blood to your other organs and gives you your heartbeat.
  • The lungs, which is part of the respiratory system is responsible for the air we breathe in and out of our body, also giving effect to our circulation and other systems in the body.
  • Our endocrine system secretes different types of hormones directly to the bloodstream to regulate our body while our digestive system (main organ: stomach) helps us breakdown the food, vitamins and minerals that we take in our mouth and eventually get released in the toilet. When we drink a lot of fluid, our urinary is important in squeezing out the healthy compounds of it and releases it in the form of urine.
  • Our skin, the largest organ in the body, is responsible for protecting our internal components and organs. It acts as a barrier so that foreign organisms and harmful entities cannot enter our body easily.
  • When we walk, run and do diverse movements, we have the skeletal system to thank for those actions because they give us our framework.
  • Let’s think senses, thanks to our eyes which is the main component for our visual sense, we could see the beauty of our world around us.
  • Auditory, concerning our ears, allow us to hear the birds chirping, the cars honking their horns and the voices of the people around us.
  • Our olfactory sense allows us to smell a warm batch of cookies in the oven and our favorite perfume.
  • To eat, we must use our mouth, which is the main element in our oral health. Our taste buds let us have sensation to the food and drinks we introduce to our mouth and it continues throughout the whole system of our body.
  • Think when you were born, how were you created? We have to thank our reproductive system for that miracle of life.

Believe it or not, alternative natural remedies could do wonders for your body. We want to provide you with simple and basic information you could do for various kinds of illnesses and conditions. Even find things you already have in your kitchen or in your nearby grocery store that you can use to help you relieve symptoms.

Even as a part of the medical team, it isn’t wrong to have confidence in natural herbal remedies because you can’t lose anything if you try it. Of course, you always have to keep in mind that trying these remedies out is not the answer to serious conditions that people may already have. Think of it as a way to prevent or lessen ailments of everyday life, or even ailments that are unusual to obtain in daily life. From simple to complex problems of your body, there is nothing to lose if you first try out natural remedies, who knows, it could counteract those ailments that could cause your body to deteriorate and actually help out to a healthier life!

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