Natural Remedy For Ringworm

Have you ever experienced itching in different parts of the body because of a certain fungus?
If yes is the answer to that question, you may have ringworm!

But don’t worry; there are natural remedies for ringworm that could help you out. Just like having dark underarms, ringworm is a condition of the skin that could be embarrassing to any individual.

Natural Remedy For Ringworm: Ringworm on foot (Tinea pedis)
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Before discussing natural remedies for ringworm, let’s first discuss what “ringworm” is and what causes it. Ringworm is a fungus infection in the skin that generally affects a person’s scalp, body, feet and nails. Another word for ringworm is “tinea.” The initial appearance of ringworm is a ring that is red in color that is seen on a person’s skin. It is usually round or oval in shape, pinkish to reddish texture that could be scaly and very itchy depending on the degree of the ringworm the person has acquired.

This is a condition that is contagious in nature by direct (skin-to-skin contact) and indirect contact (touching things that have the fungus such as combs, unwashed clothing, from the shower and pool surfaces. When a person has a cut somewhere in their body and it comes in contact with a person or item with the fungus, ringworm will most likely occur.

You have nothing to lose if you try out these effective herbal treatments for ringworm.

  • mustard seeds for halitosisMustard seeds. One of the most effective home remedies for getting rid of ringworm is a mustard seed paste that is spread all throughout the affected area
  • Raw papaya. This is a home remedy for ringworm that is also beneficial. Slice up a few pieces of payaya and rub it over the affected area at least twice a day
  • Castor oil is effective on scalp ringworm. This ringworm treatment is quite effective. This oil is rubbed over the scalp’s affected area. It’s known to be one of the best treatments for scalp ringworm
  • Raw vegetable juices. Carrot juice in combination with spinach juice is a successful ringworm herbal cure.
  • Herb butea. Try grinding herb butea into a paste and mix it with lime juice and apply it to the external affected area
  • Diet. Avoid the following to decrease the risk of worsening of ringworm, coffee, tea, condiments, sugar, white flour products, bottled foods

Before considering on using natural remedies for ringworm, you should determine the degree of the ailment, making sure that the ringworm isn’t too serious in nature. Ringworm treatments are more effective for mild cases of ringworm. With the initial appearance of ringworm, try out these remedies for a few days, if the itching and size of the ringworm worsens then it would be best to contact your medical provider as soon as possible to prevent aggravation of the disease.

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