Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Herbal Remedies

The Honest Truth: Positive and negative effects of natural herbal remedies

Alternative natural remedies have hit its popularity in our time because of its beneficial approaches to humans all over the world. Although there is a never ending dispute between organic means of healing versus modern medicine, people’s curiosity still lingers for trying out new and affordable do-it-yourself methods to keep healthy and cure various ailments.

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Before proceeding on with a whirlwind of interesting information about these natural cures (herbs, massages and aromatherapy) it is necessary to remind all readers that even though natural herbal remedies are becoming a “must-try” to treat certain ailments, seeking consultation from healthcare professionals are still vital for proper diagnosis and proper medical treatment.

Alternative organic remedies could be considered more of an option if the ailment or symptoms of the medical condition are mild and could still be cured at home. But if symptoms are severe and vital organs are already compromised in its functioning, medical attention should be sought right away. This is to prevent worsening of condition and seeking appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Besides medicinal herbs, natural remedies could also mean massages and aromatherapy. There are a number of advantages that goes along with using these pure remedies. Here are the common advantages and disadvantages that you can acquire when using these natural techniques of curing.

Natural Remedies Advantages Disadvantages
Herbal remediesherbal remedies
  • The most obvious and essential positive side to using herbs is that it is completely natural.
  • Herbal extracts also fit within a person’s budget because it is cost-effective and less expensive.
  • Another positive aspect about herbal treatments is that prescriptions aren’t needed to attain it because they are available in health stores.
  • One of the greatest benefits of using organic natural herbs is there are fewer negative side effects in comparison to chemical medications that healthcare professionals prescribe.
  • A herbal remedy is also helpful in the body’s natural detoxification process. Some herbs such as aloe vera, chlorella and garlic can be used to cleanse certain bodily organs, improve digestion and boost a person’s immune system.
  • Taking organic natural herbs could take a much longer time period for improved results to show. It takes patience to see improvement of symptoms and health problems.
  • Since natural herbal supplements may contain ingredients that may cause negative side effects to the body, make sure to be very observant with the reactions it has in all aspects of health. If you notice a sudden undesirable effect, stop the herb immediately and consult your healthcare professional.
  • Some herbs may be inappropriate in treating certain medical conditions, make sure to find out what herb is really meant to cure the condition you possess.
  • There may also be interactions with other medications prescribed by your doctor, so asking advice on safe medicinal herbs use may be the best way to start off in natural treatments.
  • The herbal industry is less controlled than the pharmaceutical industry; therefore receiving a low quality of results may be higher in percentage.
  • Massages are beneficial to the body’s blood circulation and enhancing oxygen flow
  • It could help the body to relax and relieves tension
  • Helps in tightness of muscles and nurses fatigue
  • Said to reduce high blood pressures, lowering heart rate and promoting sleep and relaxation
  • Some massage places or therapists may not be legitimate and lack knowledge in giving out genuine therapeutic massages.
  • Wrong massage techniques may further strain muscles and cause tenderness throughout the body if not done correctly
  • Massage oils may give off allergic reactions to some individuals that have sensitive skin
  • This form of therapy should be used with caution especially if pregnant or with a certain medical condition that needs to stay away from massages
  • Treats anxiety, depression, headaches, allergies, fatigue and arthritis
  • Is proven a safe and effective option when used properly
  • Beneficial in dealing with pain, stress and nausea
  • Since this type of remedy involves oil, some oils may be dangerous to some patients that are being treated for cancer (chemotherapy and radiation)
  • Some oils should be avoided by pregnant women, patients with diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Allergic reactions are common to some individuals with sensitivities with certain oils

It is always your decision in trying out new ways to treat your body’s problems. May it be through natural techniques of healing or pharmaceutical means, the choice is always in your hands. When it comes to herbal treatments, it is always a safe and smart decision to get your doctor’s advice to find out if it is safe with your medical condition and other medications that you might be taking at the moment. It is only right to follow your doctor’s advice because they always know what’s best for your health. They will let you know if it is better for you to use modern medical treatments and instruct you properly. Once they give you the heads up on natural herbal remedies, then it is your chance to give it a try and be amazed with the results.

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