Herbs to Increase Fertility Naturally

Many men and women today are facing problems with fertility due to a number of factors and are  turning to herbal treatments to increase fertility. With the various fertility drugs that are coming out in the market today, many of these drugs may have undesirable side effects to a women’s body. Since there are many chemicals that are used to create the drugs, harmful components could also be included.

A study has indicated that up to 15% of couples all around the world have trouble in conceiving a baby even after frequent and regular sexual intercourse. Problems of the reproductive system can include several factors. The problem can either be with the woman and in some cases the man.

Here are some ideas that may help increase fertility naturally.  Some special herbs may provide benefits and increase fertility. Alternative medicine has been used to cure a number of medical conditions including infertility which provides great anxiety for some couples. With consultation from your healthcare professional, you may be able to receive proper guidance with the choices of natural herbs for your fertility issues or condition.

herbs to increase fertility naturally

Here are some herbs that may be beneficial in fertility problems:

  1. Black Cohosh.
    This is thought to be one of the most effective herbal remedies for fertility. You can try this as a tincture or decoction ( a solution created by boiling certain soluble ingredients). It has been said that this herb can also help alleviate cramp pains and other symptoms of menopause. The recommendation is to take this herb in the first half of the menstrual cycle prior to ovulation to get the maximum effects. Doctors recommend this to boost estrogen production for women who are having problems with hormonal imbalances.evening primrose oil capsule
  2. Evening primrose oil.
    To increase fertile cervical fluid and also help in brain function, this herb is said to be effective. It has components that may help out in the brain’s functions and the nervous system and may cause uterine contractions. This herbal remedies is not recommended be taken after ovulation.
  3. Red raspberry leaves.  Red Raspberry leaves are said to be safe to during the entire menstrual cycle, then. The benefit reported with this herb is that it may strengthen the lining of the uterus thus making it thicker and much more firm. Red raspberry leaves have been known to cause uterine contractions so it is not considered safe during most of pregnancy. Consult with your doctor about taking this during your last trimester.
  4. Red clover flowers.  Another herbal product that may increase estrogen production is red clover flowers. But take extra caution when taking this herb because it could increase the risk in developing blood clots.  It shouldn’t be taken if there is a family or personal history of heart disease and stroke. See wikipedia warning here.
  5. Ashwagandha. This herb is a well-known male fertility booster. This herb also has been given the title “Indian ginseng” because it has been said as well to treat impotence. A teaspoon of powder added to boiled and warm milk may help treat infertility in males. Drink at least one or two cups a day for the best results.ginkgo biloba tea
  6. Ginkgo Biloba.  This is another popular herb that has been used to treat impotence and helps fertility in both men and women.
  7. Dong Quai. This is a natural traditional Chinese medicine remedy for infertility in women particularly those with hormonal imbalance.  It may prevent some symptoms of menopause and help in regulating the menstrual cycle. It should be noted though that this herb is a blood thinner and consultation with a doctor is advised before taking this herb.
  8. False unicorn root.  False unicorn root has been used by Native Americans to regulate menstrual period cycles. It could also help in alleviating ovarian pain and treat menopausal symptoms.
  9. Damiana. The leaves of this herb can be used in teas and tonics to help in treating impotence and sexual vitality. It enhances metabolism, stimulates the nerves and circulation in the genital areas. It is known to relax the nervous system.
  10. Nettle leaves.  Nettle leaves can be used to balance out certain hormones. It may keep the uterus healthy and the kidneys and adrenal glands performing at their best.
  11. Calcium and magnesium.  Increase these components in your life to ensure the conception of a healthy baby and be able to carry the fetus for the full nine months.

The best advice is to ask your doctor about what herbs you could safely take with your medical history. It is also advisable that you let your doctor know all the medications that you are currently taking and letting them know about your past health history so that you could be safely guided  It is best to take one of these herbs to increase fertility one at a time subject to the discretion of your doctor.

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