Chamomile Health Benefits

Latin name: Anthemis nobilis
Common names: Roman chamomile, Ground apple, Wild chamomile

Chamomile is a herb that has been used for thousands of years for alternative herbal treatments to help in treating a variety of ailments. Other names for this herb are “ground apple” and “wild chamomile.” It is part of the ragweed family and should not be ingested by people with Ragweed allergies. It is one of the widely used herbs all over the word because of anti-inflammatory properties that it has.

This herb could be used in combination with other herbs such as licorice root, fennel seeds and peppermint. Even in earlier times, this herb has been used as relief for gas and comforting babies to help them fall asleep. It has been said that it has soothing components and very helpful when having a sip of this herb all throughout the day.

chamomile health benefitsWhat is it used for:

  • Said to help cure flatulence, diarrhea, upset stomach, motion sickness
  • Report to help fight off sleepiness and anxiety
  • Reported to be effective for menstrual cramps
  • Skin infections such as acne, eczema and inflammation on the skin (bug bites)
  • Diaper rash (in children)
  • Could be helpful in teething babies
  • Said to be an excellent hair conditioner and could help soothe scalps

How it is used:

The flowering top section of this plant is used to make liquid extracts, teas, capsules and tablets. It could also be used as a cream, ointment, mouth rinse and hair treatment. When combined with oatmeal and used for bathing, it could be a remedy for itching and diaper rash in babies.

Side effects and cautions:

  • Pregnant women should stay away from this herb because it could cause miscarriage
  • Breastfeeding mothers should also refrain from using this herb. Avoid chamomile if with history of asthma or allergic dermatitis
  • Stay away from driving or operating heavy machinery because this herb is a mild sedative and cause drowsiness
  • Stay away if allergic to ragweed
  • Be cautious in using with young children because of unknown side effects it may cause
  • Eye inflammation is a rare side effect, but watch out for symptoms
  • Do not use if taking blood thinning medications (Warfarin or Coumadin)
  • Consult with healthcare professional about the use of chamomile for safe dosage

Chamomile is a herb that is commonly used in both children and adults because it is said to cure a variety of health conditions. Mostly used to help in treating sleeplessness, anxiety, upset stomachs, gas and diarrhea. Since it has similar effects to an NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) it is commonly associated to helping treat hemorroids naturally. It is also said to be beneficial as a topical for skin conditions and mouth ulcers resulting from cancer treatments.

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