Top 10 Summer Skin Diseases

Since summer is fast approaching, we all have to be aware of the ways to prevent different types of skin diseases that may occur during the summer season. While some of these skin conditions may be mild in the beginning, if they are left untreated these conditions may become a more serious and life-threatening problem. It is always best to know what the top summer skin diseases are just to have a heads up on prevention and what to look out for.

Top 10 Summer Skin Diseases

A list of the top summer skin diseases this year are the following:

  1. Sunburns
  2. Prickly heat
  3. Razor burns
  4. Acne
  5. Dry skin
  6. Insect bites
  7. Athlete’s foot
  8. Hyperpigmentation
  9. Rosacea
  10. Dry scalp

Let me proceed with giving you a little more information about each specific summer skin disease.


Sunburns are very common during the summer season as you all know. You have probably experienced sunburns at least once or twice in your life because it affects all age groups and both genders. It is caused because of too much sun or any sun-equivalent exposure for a long period of time. It is a burn on the skin from UV (ultraviolet) radiation.

Sunburns are very common because during the summer we all love being out in the sun, whether it is going to beach, going out fishing or visiting your favorite water amusement park, you can acquire a sunburn. Don’t you worry if ever you do get a sunburn because there are sunburn remedies and prevention available for you.

Prickly Heat

Heat rash - Summer skin diseases

Prickly Heat which is also known as “heat rash” and “miliaria” is a popular skin condition during the summer. It typically worsens because of excess heat exposure. Although this condition is commonly found in babies, it can still very much occur in all age groups.

Prickly heat is prevalent during the summer because of its humid climate. It is caused by excessive sweating during the summer season and can be an irritating condition to have. Heat rash remedies are available for you on our article about treating prickly heat naturally.

Razor Burns

Summer skin diseases: Razor burn

Since the summer season does mean always being in bikinis and less clothing than regular seasons, it does mean more shaving for both men and women thus making razor burns very common. A razor burn is a temporary skin irritation caused by not shaving correctly.

This means that a person may be shaving too closely, too harshly or with a dull razor. This skin condition can leave a person’s skin to feel uncomfortable and could be an embarrassing situation especially if you need to be in a nice bathing suit for the summer. If you are having discomfort from razor burns, you don’t have to stress out because there are home remedies for razor burn you can try out.


Summer skin diseases: Acne

Although acne isn’t just a summer skin disease, the occurrence of acne does increase dramatically because our pores tend to dilate during the hot weather. Our face may experience excess oil and could possibly block the pores and start to accumulate. The accumulation of oils could develop into “whiteheads” (beneath the skin) and/or “blackheads” (visible at the surface of the skin).

The blockage of the oils usually causes infection because of the bacteria that aren’t being released which create the redness and inflammation rising into a pimple or acne. Being out in the scorching hot sun could cause excessive sweating, doing outdoor activities could create bacteria -filled environment for your skin and also the heat tends to make the pores dilate or become larger than they really are. Try out our natural acne remedies and be amazed with the results that it could bring you.

Dry Skin

Summer skin diseases: Dry skin

Another popular skin condition during the summer time is dry skin. Dry skin is described to be one of the most common skin disorders that are caused when there is a lack of water or moisture on the most superficial layers of the skin. During the summer, since more people are outdoors, hanging out in the sun and getting tans….the sun and its heat can cause our skin’s natural moisture to dry out.

This is especially when people forget to take in liquids because of having too much fun in the sun. That is the reason why you always have to remember to drink up (H20 being the best thing to drink) when you need to be outdoors during the summer. If you’re having troubles with dry skin, you don’t have to look far because natural dry skin remedy information is available for you to check out.

Insect Bites

Summer skin diseases: Insect bites

Insect bites are also included in this list of top summer skin conditions because of how frequent it occurs in the summer time. The reason for that is because people tend to be outdoors more often during the summer enjoying themselves at the beach, on the front yard or backyard and also having fun while camping. Insect bites during the summer are not only common for adults but also children because they tend to be outside more often playing with their playmates.

There are a number of insects that could cause its various types of symptoms. Some may give off mild symptoms while the others could be life threatening. If you are suffering or you know someone suffering from insect bites, I encourage you to read about our natural insect bite treatments. It is safe and very effective against those nasty bites.

Athletes Foot

Summer skin diseases: Athletes foot

During the summer season, more people tend to walk around barefoot in shower rooms, saunas and swimming pools. With this, athlete’s foot has been a popular skin condition during this hot season. Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungus that could create an infection.

The fungus can grow on the top layer the foot’s skin and could worsen if not treated properly. The type of fungus that causes athlete’s foot loves warm and moist environments and could spread quickly and without any notice. During the summer, people would walk around on public floors while their feet are wet. If this occurs in prolonged periods of time, athlete’s foot may happen. You may find here the natural athletes foot treatments to help you out.


Summer skin diseases: Hyperpigmentation

Another skin condition that is part of this list is hyperpigmentation. This skin condition causes darkening in different portions of the skin due to the excess melanin (brown pigment that makes our normal skin colours) that may accumulate on the skin. The reason for its popularity during the summer is because people are frequently outdoors and having a good time in the sun, forgetting that the sun may cause mild to severe damage with too much exposure and not enough hydration.

The melanin tends to absorb the sun’s energy also absorbing the harmful ultraviolet rays as well. Since people do a lot of tanning in the summer and there are already darkened areas on the skin, it causes uneven skin colour on various parts of the body because the darkened areas become much darker. Hyperpigmentation home remedies are a must try because they are safe and effective. They are also something you can do at your own home without spending too much on products that claim to really work.


Summer skin diseases: Rosacea

Rosacea is another skin condition that is very common during the summer. Rosacea is a condition where the central third of a person’s face, especially the nose, is affected. It may seem like rosy cheeks, a sunburn and even acne which could make it difficult to spot when a person really does have rosacea.

This condition’s cause is still a mystery but it does involve the dilation of the blood vessels in a person’s face. Since hot weather can cause dilation, being out in the sun for prolonged periods of time can be one of the risk factors for getting rosacea. Read all about rosacea remedies to treat this skin condition naturally and effectively.

Dry Scalp

Summer skin diseases: Dry scalp

The last skin condition that is included in the top 10 skin conditions is dry scalp. Like dry skin, having dry scalp basically has the same causes. During the summer time as mentioned in the dry skin paragraph, the hot tends to suck out the water and moisture from our skins which causes us to sweat and lose more water.

The scalp area is usually a part of the body that is easily forgotten because of our hair blocking it. Also during the summer time, we also forget to drink enough liquids which could cause dehydration and cause the worsening of dry scalp. Being in centralized air conditioning could also be a cause for this skin condition and last but not least excessive sun exposure is another risk factor. Check out home remedies for dry scalp article to help you to get rid of this embarrassing skin condition.

Don’t be left in the dark about the summer skin diseases that you or someone you care about may experience during this summer season. Be knowledgeable on what the top skin conditions are and know how to prevent it and how to treat it naturally. Also check out this very helpful website about a very powerful herb that may do wonders for many conditions for your health, click the image below.

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